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Our Purpose . . .

To harmonize, promote, encourage, foster and develop the moral, intellectual, scholastic, academic, psychological, material, civic, professional and social interests and well-being of the members of the Aquila Legis Fraternity who are members of the ALAFI; foster, promote and develop stronger fellowship and fraternal bonds among members of the fraternity through promotion and development of common endeavors, undertakings and other activities worthy of enterprise; and contribute to higher and loftier moral, spiritual, intellectual, civic and social values and objectives for the welfare of the fraternity members in particular, and for the community in general

To uphold and maintain the basic principles of the Aquila Legis Fraternity and live as true and worthy Aquilans


To foster and encourage fraternal ties as an opportunity for service to the members in particular and the community in general


To provide mutual services and assistance which the members may, from time to time, require insofar as consistent with the purposes for which the ALAFI is primarily organized, including but not limited to scholarships and other educational programs relative to the law profession

-Articles of Incorporation, AQUILA LEGIS ALUMNI FOUNDATION, INC.

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