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AQUILAN-JOBSEEKER'S Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I find a job with the help of Aquilan Link?

Easy! Simply e-mail your resume to

Do I have to pay any fee?

No! Aquilan Link never charges Aquilan-Jobseekers for anything. It’s all free!

Can I find a job based on location or other preference?

Yes! In your cover e-mail to which you attach your resume, simply indicate your desired job location or preferred job sector, e.g. private (law office or business) or government (local or national), for inclusion the our Aquilan Link Resume Databank.

What is the Aquilan Link Resume Databank?

When you apply for a job through Aquilan Link, you opt-in for the inclusion of your resume into our Aquilan Link Resume Databank. Thereafter, your resume along with your desired job location and other job preferences are matched with an Aquilan-Employer’s job opening descriptions and employee qualification and requirements. Once a match is made, your resume and the cover e-mail to which is attached are forwarded to the Aquilan-Employer who will contact you to fill a job opening.

Who will see my resume, e-mail address, phone number and other contact information?

Your privacy is extremely important to us so that the confidentiality of your job search, resume and contact information is guarded at all times and will be furnished only to Registered Aquilan-Employers of Aquilan Link.

How do I disengage from Aquilan Link?

You may e-mail your disengagement from Aquilan Link at In doing so, you opt-out of the Aquilan Link Resume Databank and your resume will no longer be e-mailed to Registered Aquilan-Employers. Please note, however, that when your resume and contact information has already been forwarded to a hiring manager, disengaging from Aquilan Link will not change that fact, and therefore, will not prevent a hiring manager from either making disclosures thereof or contacting you.

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