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                We mourn the passing away on December 17, 2018 of Brod Emerito "Merit" Salud 69B, a devoted husband, a doting father and loving grandfather beloved by his friends and relatives; a distinguished lawyer, member of the Philippine Bar and the New York Bar, admired by his clients and respected by his colleagues; and, a true Aquilan who exemplified the precepts of the Aquila Legis Fraterity with selflessness and dedication.

                 We pray that God grant you peace, Brod Merit, and be with you always.

                                                                                     -Brother Aquilans

"Aquila Legis, as we go through the years, we'll share with you . . . our joys and our tears."

-Aquila Legis Fraternity Anthem

Our illustrious Brod Merit Salud was a Filipino-American community activist and  a radio commentator of RadioPinoy U.S.A. He was Director for Advocacy of the National Federation of Filipino American Associations and was Region 1 Chairman. He was also a member of the New Jersey Chapter of the Movement for Free Philippines, founded by the late Senator Raul Manglapus, and a founding member of Kaibigan Inc., based at the Port of Newark, New Jersey, a support group for Filipino merchant mariners.


Brods -

          It is with deepest sadness that I received the news of the untimely demise of Brod Merit Salud.  He was a member of Batch 69-B of which i was the Chairman. I remember Merit well as a true blue Aquilan who actively participated in all our Aquila events until he left for New York City.  After that I hardly saw him as my trips to NYC were very limited.

          I, however, saw him from time to time and the latest of which was the lunch Nani Almeda gave for him at Mary Grace in Rockwell a few days before he passed away.

          Brod Merit, you will always be remembered by the Aquila Legis community. We thoroughly enjoyed your brotherly love.

-Mario “Babes” Oreta ‘68-B


To the bereaved Family of Brod Merit Salud,

Please accept my condolence and deep sympathy for the passing away of Brod Merit Salud.

May the Almighty Lord grant him eternal rest and peace.

Yours sincerely,

-Dan Aviado ‘63B

Condolence. My prayers for Boss Merit.

- Francis Tolentino ‘81A


My sympathy and condolence to the family of Brod Merit Salud.  My only regret is that I did not have the opportunity to know him personally.  May his soul rest in peace in the company of our departed brods in heaven.

Keep the Faith,

Bobby Honrado '59



Batch-mate Merit (69B)

I learned about your untimely demise when I was out of town. Our batch mates join your family and friends in mourning for the great loss of a jovial and loyal Aquilan.

Joe Calida ‘69-B

So sad to learn of the passing of our esteemed Brod Merit Salud.  We shall all miss him dearly.

May his soul rest in peace.

Vic Garcia '73A

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