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AQUILAN-EMPLOYER'S Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I find an Aquilan to hire with the help of Aquilan Link?

Easy! Simply e-mail your job opening description and employee qualifications and requirements to to become a Registered Aquilan-Employer.

What is the Aquilan Link Resume Databank?

When an e-mail containing the job opening description and employee qualification and requirements of a Registered Aquilan-Employer is received, a search in the Aquilan Link Resume Databank containing resumes along with desired job locations and other job preferences of Aquilan-Jobseekers is undertaken to find a match. Once a match is made, the resume of a qualified Aquilan-Jobseeker is e-mailed to the Registered Aquilan-Employer who can then proceed with its hiring process.

Do I have to pay any fee?

No! Aquilan Link never charges Registered Aquilan-Employers for anything. It’s all free!

          Since it is customary for employers to allocate and expend a placement fee equivalent to 20%-30% of the placed employee’s first year's base salary including sign-on bonus for each placement, Registered Aquilan-Employers are encouraged to make a contribution in like amount to ALAFI. A truly worthy fraternal cause indeed! And, definitely a win-win situation for all concerned!

How do I disengage from Aquilan Link?

A Registered Employer-Aquilan will remain in the Aquilan Link e-mail list until a job opening is filled or when a Registered Employer disengages from Aquilan Link. You may e-mail your disengagement from Aquilan Link at In doing so, you will no longer receive e-mails containing resumes of Aquilan-Jobseekers. We realize that when your hiring manager has already received a resume and contact information of an Aquilan-Jobseeker, disengaging from Aquila Link will not change that fact, and therefore, ask that measures be taken so the confidentiality of the job search, resume and contact information of an Aquilan-Jobseeker remain guarded at all times.

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