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                We mourn the passing away on July 28, 2019 of Brod  Nicolas "Nick" J. Gomez, Jr. 73A, a loving son and brother beloved by his family, friends and relatives; a distinguished lawyer, Top-notcher of the 1977 Philippine Bar Exams, member of the New York Bar and the California Bar, admired by his clients and respected by his colleagues; and, a true Aquilan who exemplified the precepts of the Aquila Legis Fraternity with selflessness and dedication.

                 We pray that God grant you peace, Brod Nick and be with you always.

                                                                                     -Brother Aquilans

"Aquila Legis, as we go through the years, we'll share with you . . . our joys and our tears."

-Aquila Legis Fraternity Anthem


          Father God, we praise you and we glorify you at dawn and at sunset.  Nothing is begun without your guidance; nothing is accomplished without your blessing.

        We thank you, Holy Spirit for the gift of faith – so forever!  By your grace, you make possible our deeds endearing.  By your mercy, we triumph over human miseries.

         Thank you, Jesus for being with us in our journey to life.  Whoever we are, your love never ceases, your mercies never stop.

         As we bask in the glory of fraternal bondage, remind us, Lord of the virtues of humility.  Make us an instrument of abiding faith in humanity.  Remind us of neighbors whom we have to embrace.

         We seek your kindness in understanding the lawyers in us.  In the context of fleeting times, we are impatient in seeking justice and righting wrongs.

         As we entreat entry into your kingdom, welcome us as an absentee occupant.  Before your Supreme Court, hear our plea with compassion.  We implore you not to pass summary judgment on our pleadings. Do not dismiss our motion for reconsideration.  Do not declare us in default or in contempt.  Spare the bill of particulars.  In your infinite wisdom, you know us truly well. Have mercy!

        Jesus, we confess that with all our pretenses, we are a caravan of lost souls.  We are weak. Be our beacon light. Be our good shepherd. At the final judgment, we rest our case.  Jesus, dear Lord, stand by us.  Amen.

Antonio "Tony" Quion 65A

Aquila Legis Fraternity

Aquilans in Los Angeles, California



On behalf of all the New York Brods, I wish to extend to the family of Brod Nick and all Aquilans our deepest condolences and heartfelt prayers.

I have personally known Brod Nic since law school days and, have kept in touch with him in the US.

A true gentleman and a terrific Brod.

-J.T.S. Mallonga, Esq. 74C

Yesterday, I saw the FB post of Brod Charlie Cuna about Boss Nick Gomez. Can’t believe it...

My condolences to his family and the brods

-Henry Laron 83

RIP Nick ....  

-Nando Gonzales 71A

The passing of Nick Gomez is really a great loss to the Aquila Legis Fraternity. He was a very active member of the frat. We will sorely miss him. Heartfelt condolence to his family.

-Rudy Espinosa 63B

I will miss Brod Nick terribly. We were last together last April in Cubao where we had coffee at Starbucks. At that time he already mentioned about his numerous cases in the area. He has so many plans. I feel really bad about this. The peace and order here in the Philippines is precarious at best. I too are in my hometown but I do not practice anymore. Nevertheless it's also not as safe as being there in the U.S.

My condolences to his family and the brods

-Willie Chan 64B

I join all our US BRODS...(west, each, mid-west and wherever in US and Canada) in our common pain, misery and loss of our dearly beloved Brody Nick of our "founding pillars" in preserving and maintaining our US biennial convention...... Nick's faithful support and dedicated presence in many of our US powwows and conventions........


-Precy Perlas 56

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