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                We mourn the passing away on August 4, 2018 of Brod  Geronimo "Jerry" Reyes 64A, a devoted husband, a doting father and loving grandfather beloved by his friends and relatives; a distinguished lawyer, member of the Philippine Bar and the California Bar admired by his clients and respected by his colleagues; and, a true Aquilan who exemplified the precepts of the Aquila Legis Fraterity with selflessness and dedication.

                 We pray that God grant you peace, Brod  Jerry, and be with you always.

                                                                                     -Brother Aquilans

"Aquila Legis, as we go through the years, we'll share with you . . . our joys and our tears."

-Aquila Legis Fraternity Anthem






The AQUILA LEGIS FRATERNITY is in grief since 06 August 2018 when it received the sad news that our dearly beloved brother – JERRY REYES Batch ’64A passed away …..after several agonizing years struggling to recover from his festering ailment.


The AQUILA FRAT Flag is now lowered at half-mast as our emails and mobile phones had been bombarded with so many text messages announcing to all brethren that …..”JERRY  PASSED AWAY AT  yesterday. Please pass”


The message of his death was sent - passed and resent to all our brethren from Batanes to Jolo criss-crossing not only all over the country from Cebu, Cagayan de Oro, Loaog, Vigan, Tiguegarao, Davao…...reaching every nook and corner of the Philippines but also as far away as the United States from the West Coast to the East Coast where we have more than 100 scattered brothers residing and working in different cities there.


As you can imagine prayers were thus said all over and messages of condolences and sympathies I am sure were received there in LA thru emails and text messages from so many whose names and identities Muriel and Jerry’s children may somehow no longer remember by their sheer numbers.   


That is how well-known and … JERRY is LOVED - in our Fraternity. And that was how his departure was announced and heard by all our members – like a BREAKING NEWS in CNN or BBC echoed and re-echoed throughout our network of Brods all over the world  -  a tidal wave of grief and sadness.


TODAY  as we bid JERRY our last farewell, the FRATERNITY grieves even MORE. It will be the last time we shall see him as he fades into the sunset. But his MEMORY will live on. He is a legend in our midst and his memory will lived on thru eternity.


JERRY like many of the “old guards” in the USA some of whom had already gone ahead of us to the Heavens - had the shared courage, the daring and the focus to WORK with the Brodies here in the West Coast in the organization and successful launching of the AQUILA USA foundation and its traditional “bi-annual conventions” that followed thereafter with the indispensable collaboration of course of our other very supportive Brodies in the EAST COAST and Midwest states.


Hopefully - everybody by now should rightfully recognize and acknowledge that it is our Frat - AQUILA that started and pioneered in INSTITUTIONALIZING the organization in our  adopted country  – USA and outside of the Philippines ….of  homegrown fraternities in the Philippines.




It is therefore but fitting that such recognition, accolade and honor be SHARED AND given to one among our many deserving brods like JERRY.


JERRY is now gone. Like a candle, the life of the man we loved and revered in the Fraternity has already burned himself out. Yet the amount of candle wax that remains are more a MOUNTAIN OF MARBLE that represents the GREATNESS OF HIS LIFE WELL LIVED AND WELL SPENT.


Jerry has left OUR FRATERNITY with a LEGACY………a permanent marble of fond memories we will always cherish specially those happy days of  joy and laughter during our many drinking sprees. To us he left behind – WE PROMISE AND MAKE THIS SOLEMN VOW………





-PRECY R. PERLAS Batch ‘56


We condole with the family of Brod Jerry. He was an Aquilan through and through.

-Babes Oreta 68B



Sad news...Rest in Peace Boss Jerry...

-Lou Romero-Salas 94


RIP. . . Jerry . . . a great Aquilan!

-Nando G. 71-A



Sincerest condolences and prayers to the family of the late brod Jerry.

-Tony Rosales & family 68-B



Rest now in heavenly peace, Boss Jerry! Thank you for being a Brod!

Will offer mass for you at 6:00 this evening at the Ateneo Law School chapel.

-Vic Verdadero 74C



To the Bereaved Family of Jerry Reyes 64A

Please accept my sincere condolences for the passing away of our dear friend and brod. May the Lord grant him eternal rest and peace.


-Dan Aviado 63B



What a terrible shock to hear of Brod Jerry’s passing. His wife, Ate Muriel and Lily my wife worked together in Saratoga Springs NY and we all lived together in one house before they moved to California. We lost touch for a while but my wife will be shocked. Our deepest condolences to Ate Muriel and the kids.

-Bing Fabricante 70B


-Francis Tolentino 81-A



I’m deeply saddened with the news regarding the passing away of our Brod Jerry Reyes. I would like to extend my heartfelt condolences to the bereaved family and assurances of including in my prayers for Brod Jerry’s eternal rest.

-Jimmy D. Blas 60


To the family of our dearly departed brod I wish to impart my sincerest condolences. Be consoled that Jerry led a wonderful life with family and friends who loved him dearly and will never forget him. And so Brod Jerry, Goodbye for now until we meet again. Say hi for us to our other brods whom you will see in the afterlife. Farewell

-Rudy Espinosa 63-B



My deepest condolence to the family of Boss Jerry - May you rest in Peace, Boss.

-Rudy Arteche 87B



Condolences to family of Brod Jerry Reyes. May Jerry RIP. It was an honor to have known Jerry.

-Rico Arteficio 78A



Dear Muriel,

My condolence and sympathy in the passing of Jerry. He was my Aquilan brother and one of my closest friends.  His passing saddens and depresses me but I get consolation in the firm belief that he is now at peace, happy and content in the company of Jesus and all the saints in heaven in the bosom of our Creator.

Take care and may the Lord Almighty bless the family and loved ones Jerry left behind.


-Bobby Honrado 59

Rest in Peace, Batch-mate Jerry.

-Guido Castellanes 64A

Iyabrasak man iti naimpapusuan nga pinakiladingit detoy numo ti biang kadagiti miembro ti pamilya Reyes gapo iti ipupusay ti gayyem ken kabsat mi nga ni Geronimo Reyes. Aginanakan boss Jerry iti sidong ti namarsua kadatayo.

-Tito Purisima 85



Boss Jerry Reyes . . . So sad to hear this. A great man, a great mentor and a great Boss is gone. My deepest sympathy and condolences to Ate Muriel and to their children. Rest in peace Boss Jerry. We will always miss you.

-Ed Cojuangco 77A



My deepest sympathies to the Family of Boss Jerry.  Rest in peace, Boss Jerry.

-Duane Tumale 93-B

Dear Muriel and family -

We in my family and of course, the entire AQUILA are saddened by Jerry's departure. We have lost another Iconic Brody...

We still have so many unfinished tasks...your estate of course among others - settle first what is pressing at the moment, I wish I am there to assist you in anyway...

I share the grief of the family...will be there again by next month...our prayers and sympathies.....stay strong.....our dear Muriel...

...we are all here with you…Jerry has more than 1,500 frat brods shedding tears in this world for his passing...!!  but in many happy because he has  500 more Brods in the Heavens ...ready to welcome him...

-Precy and Irene...

My deepest condolences to the family and batchmates of Boss Jerry.

-Tonyboy Roman 89B

My sincere condolences to a senior brother Jerry Reyes.  I cherish an Aquilan brodie always!  God will be happy to be with you, brother!

-Deroo Gutierrez 73A



Dear Muriel,

In our Lord Jesus, I wish to extend to you and your loved ones my heartfelt condolence and sorrow on the passing of my dear Aquila Legis Fraternity brother,  Jerry Reyes.  I have specially cherished the thoughts of him as a loving family man, a highly respected brother, dedicated to the service of his fraternal brothers and strictly adherent to the lofty ideals, principles, and tenets of The Aquila Legis Fraternity at Ateneo University Law School, Philippines, and an attorney par excellence who practiced law with utmost care and keen observance of the laws, ethics, and professional responsibility in the State of California.  My prayers of devotion for the eternal repose of Jerry's soul,  for you and your dearly beloved ones' solace, peace, and comfort, through our Queen and Mother, the Blessed Virgin Mary, our Protector St. Joseph, and  St. Faustina to the Divine Mercy of Jesus, our Almighty God and Loving Father.  

In Christ,

-Daniel De Vera 65A

  Jesus, I trust in You

Our heartfelt condolences to the bereaved loved ones of our brod - Jerry Reyes 64A. May the Lord grant him rest and eternal bliss!

-Dan Aviado 63B

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