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            We mourn the passing away on February 20, 2019 of Brod Roberto "Bobby" Honrado '59, a devoted husband, a doting father and loving grandfather beloved by his friends and relatives; a distinguished lawyer, member of the Philippine Bar, former Clerk of Court of the Regional Trial Court of Manila, admired by his clients and respected by his colleagues; and, a true Aquilan who exemplified the precepts of the Aquila Legis Fraternity with selflessness and dedication.

            We pray that God grant you peace, Brod Bobby, and be with you always.

                                                                               -Brother Aquilans

"Aquila Legis, as we go through the years, we'll share with you . . . our joys and our tears."

-Aquila Legis Fraternity Anthem


          Father God, we praise you and we glorify you at dawn and at sunset.  Nothing is begun without your guidance; nothing is accomplished without your blessing.

        We thank you, Holy Spirit for the gift of faith – so forever!  By your grace, you make possible our deeds endearing.  By your mercy, we triumph over human miseries.

         Thank you, Jesus for being with us in our journey to life.  Whoever we are, your love never ceases, your mercies never stop.

         As we bask in the glory of fraternal bondage, remind us, Lord of the virtues of humility.  Make us an instrument of abiding faith in humanity.  Remind us of neighbors whom we have to embrace.

         We seek your kindness in understanding the lawyers in us.  In the context of fleeting times, we are impatient in seeking justice and righting wrongs.

         As we entreat entry into your kingdom, welcome us as an absentee occupant.  Before your Supreme Court, hear our plea with compassion.  We implore you not to pass summary judgment on our pleadings. Do not dismiss our motion for reconsideration.  Do not declare us in default or in contempt.  Spare the bill of particulars.  In your infinite wisdom, you know us truly well. Have mercy!

        Jesus, we confess that with all our pretenses, we are a caravan of lost souls.  We are weak. Be our beacon light. Be our good shepherd. At the final judgment, we rest our case.  Jesus, dear Lord, stand by us.  Amen.


Antonio "Tony" Quion 65A

Aquila Legis Fraternity

Aquilans in Los Angeles, California


         On behalf of Aquila Legis Fraternity of the Ateneo College of Law, I extend our heartfelt condolences to Bobby’s beloved wife, Linda, their beautiful children, to Bobby’s wonderful brothers and sisters and extended family.  

          I met Brod Bobby in one of the Aquila gatherings in Chinatown, Los Angeles after he moved his residence from San Diego.  Immediately, he struck me as an amiable person, easy to get along with, one you would love to converse with for hours and one who treats you like a relative so that he would even "copy furnish" you with his emails to his family.  At times, he would teach the importance of “Carpe Diem,” the Latin words for “seize the moment”.  His contagious smile is a permanent fixture on his face. He smiles at you and you smile back - and you do not even know why. You turn around and you see everybody smiling, too.

          Everybody loved Bobby.  Everyone would jostle to volunteer to pick him up from home; another to take him back; another to deliver him to a train station and another to hold his cane. A selfie with him would be a keepsake. Anyone would do just anything to make sure Bobby was around.  To seize the moment, I would sit either to his left or his right.  It was always a pleasure to be beside him.

          In my running life of 80 years, Bobby was the nicest person I ever met. And so he was to you, I am sure.  To test that statement, let me see those who agree or disagree with me. Those who agree with me may or may not raise their hands.  Obviously, we are unanimous.

         Bobby was very popular among his high school and college buddies. It was Bobby’s fervent wish that his friends eulogize him on his birthday, May 25th.  But heaven could not wait.  The good Lord took great pleasure in picking him up on February 20th.   “Carpe diem”.

        “Paalam na sa iyo kaibigan.  Humayo ka na bagkus naghihintay na ang Panginoon na lumikha sa iyo at sa kalahatan.  Salamat at malaking kong karangalan na ako ay itinuring mong kaibigan. 

          Brod Bobby, worthy Aquilan, ala ala ka namim at di ka malilimutan mag pakailaman”.

                                                                                                    Tony Quion ‘65A



For the past 2 weeks, the AQUILA FLAG was once again lowered at half-mast followed by a “tsunami of text exchanges” among hundreds of AQUILANS from every nook and cranny of the Philippines and of course here in the US  reverberating from the West Coast to the East Coast, Canada and elsewhere  abroad - announcing with great sadness that our dear  ”BOBBY HONRADO had  PASSED AWAY in Los Angeles, California. Please Pass!!“.


Yes - the sad news of Bobby’s passing cris-crossed not only in the Philippines from Batanes to Jolo, Zambonga, Cebu, Cagayan de Oro, Laoag, Tuguegarao, Davao but everywhere and elsewhere abroad……where he had legions of friends, relatives classmate, officemates and admirers (“old maids” included!)  


That is how popular and well known BOBBY was to so many of us in our Fraternity, too . . . so respected . . . so revered, so LOVED  and intimately endeared to so many brodies.


As we can all imagine - LINDA and Bobby’s children and some of Bobby’s immediate families would not personally know so many of these AQUILANS much less recognize them by their names and faces by our sheer numbers BUT as we gather tonight to present our EULOGIES to Bobby…..let this evening be a “night of remembrance” because we, in the Fraternity, want Bobby’s immediate family to know that they are not ALONE in their grief and pain!!!  Hundreds of his brods . . . his “SECOND FAMILY” equally share with them . . . the sadness and sorrow in the loss of a remarkable and loving brother . . . and that is our BOBBY.


No wonder his departure was announced and heard by all our members – like a BREAKING NEWS in CNN or BBC echoed and re-echoed throughout our network of Brods all over the world - a tidal wave . . . of grief, pain and sadness.


BUT let it be said TONIGHT that, his passing is NOT AND SHOULD NOT be in VAIN” insofar as the AQUILA LEGIS FRATERNITY is concerned.


His passing should SERVE as a HERALD CALL to all the BRODS that HEREON and hereafter . . . his death could and should . . . hopefully start a NEW FRAT TRADITION!! . . . A LEGACY . . . a HISTORIC “first” in the fraternity’s  70 years’ history!


His last wish before he left us was even ANNOUNCED by him . . . a premonition maybe . . . but he was the first brod who seriously proposed that:


“Why wait for a brod to die so that  EULOGIES can be delivered on his wake extolling his virtues etc . . . ??!!!” . . .


“Why not change our Eulogy Rites where only SAD THINGS are remembered and talked about and instead celebrate it during his birthday by a “FRAT ROASTING” and our dear BOBBY was so daring and  willing to be the ROASTED ONE !! . . . the “initiated” one . . . but KUROT LANG no BUKOL!!!”


. . . Yes, that’s what Bobby wanted . . . let’s have more TEARS OF JOY . . . (not sadness) by poking fun at each other but  specially focused on the celebrants . . . With jokes and “katiyawans” . . . enjoy the banters, the mockeries, chit chats . . . and of course, the  laughter,  with our dear BOBBY as the willing SUBJECT . . . in the “hot seat” . . .


BUT, time was not in Bobby’s favor – he prematurely succumbed to a heart stroke before he can start this NEW TRADITION . . . where we can instead reminisce and share with him those “intimate moments” where we can laugh and sing, horse around, got drunk with gusto and TALK NON SENSE forever like there is no tomorrow . . . like our usual regular monthly or weekly pow-wows . .


Yes, this is an EVENT that BOBBY had envisioned and wanted TO REGULARLY HAPPEN . . . the “new Frat standards” . . . but the clock beat him to the draw! So the message is . . . we in the Frat must carry it on and try to re-set our sails toward building up and starting this “new frat tradition of roasting” while one is still alive – so the VICTIM BROD can HEAR AND SEE how many Brods do LOVE AND ADMIRE HIM TRULY. (With the Music blaring behind – THE HEAT IS ON!!)





                                                                                                PRECY R. PERLAS ‘56


This is a sad and gloomy day for Aquila Legis. Our esteemed Brod Bobby Honrado has passed away last Wednesday night. Let us all continue to pray for Brod Bobby that all the angels of the Lord will accompany him to his Creator in Paradise.


-Nes de Leon ‘57



It’s heart breaking to know that Bobby had crossed the Great Beyond.  Bobby was one of the nicest persons that I ever met. Looking back, Bobby intimately knew the limit of time and he prepared very well for the inevitable meeting with his Creator. Being a God-fearing mortal, heaven can’t wait!

I will certainly miss Bobby, my friend, my idol and my Brod.

-Tony Quion ‘65A



It’s an amazing grace for Brod Bobby to wish that we give him our eulogies during his coming birthday where he believes genuinely without a doubt he’ll still be in bodily form!

God bless you, Brod Bobby!

-Sadiri Padre ‘73A



For someone who looked forward to be eulogized on his birthday this coming May, we shall now be prayer warriors for Brother Bobby that God will bless Bobby with His unending love and mercy and grant to Brother Bobby eternal peace and joy in His Kingdom.

Lord, eternal peace grant to Brother Bobby and let perpetual light shine upon him.

May Brother Bobby Rest In Peace.

-Edwin Legayada ‘66



Condolence to the family of Brod Bobby!

Brod Bobby is now home bound to our Lord!

-Emy Sison ‘70B



… I deeply mourn the passing of Boss Bobby… our condolences …

-Julius Raboca ‘77A

Rest in peace & go with our prayers, Brod Bobby

... say a good word for us when you see the Lord, the King Eagle, in heaven....

-Farley Ampil ‘65A

My deepest condolences to a true AQUILAN fanatic, FRATMAN BOSS BOBBY HONRADO.

Rest In Peace Boss Bobby. Will pray for the eternal repose of your soul.

-Dindo Garciano ‘83

Our sympathy and condolences for the passing away of our honorable Bobby Honrado.

May our Almighty Lord grant him his eternal rest and peace.

Hail Praeses!!!

-Dan Aviado ‘63B

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