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                We mourn the passing away on January 5, 2018 of Brod  Rolando "Rollie" Gatchalian '60, a devoted husband and doting father, grandfather and great grandfather, beloved by his friends and relatives, respected by his colleagues; and, a true Aquilan who exemplified the precepts of the Aquila Legis Fraterity with selflessness and dedication.

                 We pray that God grant you peace, Brod Rollie, and be with you always.

-Brother Aquilans

Boss Rollie - 2012

| Christmas Eve 2017 - Arnel '78A, Bobby '59, Rollie '60, Dindo '83, Elmer '77A, Mike '02B, Edgar '72B

"Aquila Legis, as we go through the years, we'll share with you . . . our joys and our tears."

-Aquila Legis Fraternity Anthem

Another AQUILA ICON ...down....!!! ....our iconic legends are vanishing like "extincts"....we need replenishment of the they say.....brodies who are reading this.....lets all stay healthy...and alert....and prayfully lets have more ICONS like the "THE GREAT SACRA VENGA !!!" (...his favorite fighing words....!!!.....


.yes he was a TRUE GENUINE AQUILANS...A WARRIOR in every inch of his  bones and blood platelets.......whenever he heard an AQUILAN IS in trouble......YOU DO NOT NEED TO CALL ON him....basta he "hears" trouble.....rumble....etc......he smells them like a TRUE BOMBERO..there is smoke there is fire....HE IS ALWAYS IN THE need to call.....


that is beloved AQUILA legend to his grave. WE WILL TRULY MISS HIM....








Today is a very sad and depressing day to hear of the sudden passing of our Brod Rolly Gatchalian.  I'm still in shock as I just saw him in the morning of December 24 at his home in Buena Park.  He was in good spirits as a few of our brods visited him to show him the Aquilan Christmas spirit.  Rolly joined the frat one year after me.  So, he was one of the first neophytes that our batch initiated at the beach house of Brod Fidel Cruz in Cavite.  That was a riotous day as we chased the neophytes all over the beach.  Rolly was a prime target as he was known as a toughie in Pasig.  And he was really tough as he took in whatever we gave.  As a matter of fact, he coined the phrase, "once in, never out".  I love Rolly and I will surely miss him.


I will just see you all at Rolly's viewing and funeral once it has been set by his wife, Lou.



Bobby ‘59



So very sorry to hear about the demise of Brod Rolly Gatchalian. Please extend my deepest sympathies and condolences to the family and to the Brods there.


Nani Fabia ‘72-B

It’s truly a sad day for Aquilans! We grieve as we must; we remember Brod Rolly as an Aquila legend whose love for Aquilans is a story to be told from generations to generations. We’ll pray for Brod Rolly that God may favor him with the peace and Joy of His Kingdom and for Lou and Family comfort from Our Comforter!


Diri ‘73A



I’m saddened! Pls relay our condolences to Lou.

From the Cebu Brods!

Boytan ‘ 74A

I’m deeply saddened by the news of the passing away of my batch mate, Rollie Gatchalian. Rollie is a jolly fellow always entertaining us with his inimitable yodeling a la Fred Panopio as well as narrations of escapades of a city slicker. Rollie joins our illustrious Brods Fernando Lota, Mike Romero, Mike Varela, Roly Cailles, Renato Callanta and Servideo Buenaventura in crossing The Great Divide.


Let me hasten to convey my sincerest condolences to the bereaved family and assurances of my prayers for the eternal rest of my dear friend and batch mate Rollie Gatchalian.


Jimmy D. Blas, ‘60



I am saddened by the passing of our esteemed Brod Rolly Gatchalian.  I first met Rolly in Los Angeles in the early 1990s when I was assigned as Consul-General there.  He was an outstanding Aquilan.  He was very supportive of my efforts to promote unity and solidarity within the Filipino community in Southern California where we have the largest concentration of Filipinos in the United States.  He would always attend activities that I organised for the Filipino community.  I


Thank you very much, my dear friend and senior Brod Rolly.


I shall miss you.


My wife, Connie, joins me in extending our deep condolences to Lou and family.






My heart grieves as I did not only lose a brother but a tried and true friend. My only regret is I never got to see him even as late as his birthday in November due to my inability to travel. He used to spend his birthdays here in Vegas and we would celebrate it with just Lou and my wife Lillian. Last year, however, was different as Rollie and I had health issues we both need to attend to.

I will miss this guy so terribly as we both came a long way dating back to the old Aquila days in the early 60s. And as if to rekindle the glorious days, when I came to the States in the late 70s, Rollie, along with the "old timers" here (Bobby Honrado and Jerry Reyes) and me met and organized the Aquila California Connection. Rollie was our host for the initial meeting. More Aquila immigrants came later like Willie Chan, Tito Bulante, Bim Galicia, Joe Jayme and some other brods and the rest is history.

Thank you, Brod Rollie for being a driving force of the Aquila brotherhood in North America. Your name and memory will always be etched in the minds of all Aquilans wherever and whenever they may be.

Say hello for us to the our Brods in heaven who I'm sure will only be too thrilled to welcome you!


Nestor de Leon ‘57




I am offering the Blessed Virgin Mary, our Queen and Mother’s Saturday mass this morning for the eternal repose of the soul of our beloved Brod Rolly, the solace and comfort of his family, and for God ‘s Love and Mercy for ourselves .

Jesus, I trust in You.


Brod Danny de Vera ‘65A

Rest in heavenly peace, Boss Rollie. Thank you very much for being a great Aquilan.

My prayerful condolences to Lou.


Vic Verdadero ‘74C

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